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Wendler 101

Last week we began what is known in the weightlifting world as a “Wendler Cycle.” This four-week cyclic programming is designed to increase strength, and at CrossFit Unlocked, we measure this increase by testing a lift for a one-rep max both before and after the cycle.

You may be asking yourself, who the heck is this Wendler person, and why should I follow their advice? 

I’m so glad you asked! Here is a brief bio straight from “Wendler” himself-Jim Wendler’s website:
Jim Wendler is the creator and author of the 5/3/1 Training Program. This program has been used by millions of athletes and lifters of all ages and abilities. Jim played football and graduated from the University of Arizona where he was a three-time letter winner. He went on to squat 1000 pounds in competition and is an accomplished Elite Lifter with a 2,375 pound total. He has coached high school athletes, collegiate athletes, trained general populations and spoken globally on the topics of strength training, conditioning, fat-loss, performance and program design. However, his greatest success is his ability to simplify the complexities of strength training into program variations so that anyone can apply them and achieve their goals.”

There is some great information on Jim’s website specifically geared towards weightlifting newbies, but his advice holds true for anyone looking to get stronger, regardless of their experience or skill set. Check out his blog post from 2011 here

Jim seems to follow the KISS method of training (and I’m not talking about the long-haired, painted faced, 80s rockers). No, he likes to “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Simplicity can be key to building strength. Jim’s 5/3/1 may seem pretty basic, but it is effective. 

So, as we begin Week 2 of the Wendler Cycle for Push Press and Back Squat, keep in mind the purpose of program, as everything we do has a purpose, and get ready to get STRONG!!!!!

Keep working hard….see you at the box!!!